Friday, November 20, 2009

Relocation to Pune for my new job from Guwahati

It was 13th September. Sunday. I was sitting at my room. Last night, my new company director called me and told me to join latest by 24th September. My previous company wasn't willing to release me nor giving me any definite date on when I would be released. I had to take a decision.
It was a tough call. How do I go without having the release letter in my hand? I was going nuts thinking about that. After lot of thinking,came to the conclusion that come what may, I am going. "Jo hoga dekha jayega". Just decided not staying in Zaloni after 18th. Its my life and its my wish.
I had to go home once before shifting to Pune.
I wasn't surprised when they didn't release me on 18th. Due to this uncertainty, didn't even buy tickets also.The next day, on 19th, went to the airlines office, went crazy when I heard about the fares. Due to ensuing Durga Puja, there was heavy rush. I knew if I avoid going home, I could save some money. But I also wanted to be at home for Eid even if for only 2 days. So, I purchased the tickets for Silchar-Ghy and Ghy-Mum.Sometimes, money is not that important.
The next morning,I left for my hometown by bus.I reached home at 7:30 in the evening. It was so nice being at home after 4 months. "Home is where the heart is". Next day was Eid. I really enjoyed those two days. Even went to Devdoot talkies to watch "Wanted". Hey, cant miss Salman Khan's film.
Sept 23. I had never been to Mumbai or Pune. Had no idea where I was going to stay in Pune. Just had the tickets in hand. Was feeling sad to leave home again. But what to do, have to do it for my career and my dreams. I boarded the flight to Guwahati in the morning. I was really tensed if my new company asked for the release letter. I had to stay in the Guwahati airport for 2 hours for boarding the Mumbai flight. As I sat in the airport, my mind kept going back to the 1 and half years I spent at Zaloni. It was five hour flight from Guwahati to Mumbai as it halted in Kolkatta for 50 mins. I reached Mumbai at 9:30 in the night. Hired an Indica outside the airport to go to Pune I reached Pune at 3:30 in the morning. Somehow, got one auto who took me to a hotel.
Next day, I joined my new company. And thankully, didn't need to produce the release letter. My bank statements were enough to prove my employment status. I finally heaved a sigh of relief as I sat in my new desk. Oh, those 10 days were really eventful for me. And the journey continues in pursuit of happiness and peace...


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