Monday, June 7, 2010

Run Ashraf Run!

This was the funniest, adventurous, frightening dream I ever had in my life. Sometimes, I wonder what I will do if I am forced to marry somebody I don’t like. And I got that answer in that dream. It was a nightmare turning into reality. For some reason, I was very tired and got to sleep very early. Suddenly I got into my dream world or shall I say nightmare. So let’s start with what happened in my dreamland.

I went back home for vacation and there I saw my family has fixed my marriage with a very very fat girl who likes to do only one thing…eat, eat, eat….and there was no option for me to say no…they had given the word for some reason…everything’s been fixed…and that my marriage was as soon as the next day…my God…wish anybody cud see my face at that time…I started crying like a toddler who just lost his candy…

My best friends came to meet me in the evening…. Was it for congratulating me or consoling me? But hang on, they came to do what friends are for…give support and advice…they said…hey ashraf…wat r u doing…u cud not get the girl of your dreams…at least don’t marry this fatty…’khilate khilate mar jayega’…and they gave me a great idea…’bhaag jao!’… And I got inspired and planned the ‘Great Escape’…next morning I will escape…he he…great idea…I jumped with joy and hugged them all…jaadu ki jhappi…

I put my alarm for 5 AM…but I woke up before that and slowly opened my door, got downstairs and started going out…but unfortunately my uncle saw me and asked me where I was going…I thought for some time and replied ‘Morning Walk’…that was surprising for him as never in my life have I gone for morning walk…and he called me back…but I was to hear none of that…I started running without even looking back…and I ran and ran and it was as if I was running for Olympic Gold Medal…and at that time my dream was interrupted…I woke up…wondering how come I am in my bed …just now I was running like Usain Bolt…and then realized it was only a dream…huh…thank God!…wat if they caught me and forced me back…he he…wat a dream…scary….funny…got everything… :)

Take Care,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I saw an angel last week...

hey, this was straight from a movie script...last Saturday, I went for an interview in a company in malviya nagar, jaipur...I had never been there...while coming back, I got lost...I forgot where I came from and from where I can get a bus for my place...I started walking hoping I am on the right path...suddenly I saw a girl coming in front of me...she was we were about to cross each other...I heard somebody telling me 'Excuse Me'... and the caller was that girl asked me, 'hey, can u tell me the way to 'James Enclave'...can u imagine...I myself got lost...and here was a girl asking me to show her direction...I started laughing and said 'Mei Khud Ghum Ho Gaya, kaya se aaya, kaha jaana hai paata nahi'...and she also started laughing...she replied'chaloo, koi baaat nahi, bye'...everything was fine until the last word...'bye'... hate I also had to say 'bye'...
Wish I had said 'see u again or wats ur number'...hey ashraf boy...naughty naughty...but this reminds me of the song...'I saw an angel'...he he...always comparing my life with movies or songs…and yea, luckily I was on the right path…cud manage to come bak home…chalo, bye 4 now...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Difference between Aamir Khan And Akshay Kumar:

Aamir Khan = quality;
Akshay Kumar = quantity;

can u elaborate?
yea sure....akshay does 5 films in a year, aamir does 5 films in 5 years....and everybody knows the difference...
Akshay Kumar: Chandni Chowk,Tasveer, Blue, Kambhakt Ishq, De Dana Dan...yuk...
Aamir Khan: 3 Idiots

prefer watching 3 Idiots 5 times....

he he....bye for now...


Friday, April 2, 2010

Aye Khuda

Yaaraan Teri Yaadaan Aati Hain, Jaan Meri Jaan Jaati Hai
Tanhaayiyon Mein Rehata Hoon, Khud Se Hi Aksar Yeh Kehata Hoon
Kyun Tune Dil Toda, Kyun Tune Yuun Chhoda
Kyun Tera Abb Bhi Rahein Dil Ko Intjaar
Kyun Chali Aati Hai Kyun Tadpaati Hai
Kyun Hoon Abb Bhi Main Yuun Bekaraar

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Step by step tutorial for IMCE integration with CKEDITOR in Drupal6

Following are the steps for IMCE Integration with CK Editor in Drupal 6

1. Download the CKeditor module from and imce module from .
2. Unzip the files in the sites/all/modules directory .
3. Download CKEditor from Unzip the contents of the ckeditor directory in the sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor directory.
4. Enable the modules as usual from Drupal's admin pages.
5. Grant permissions for use of CKEditor in "Administer > User Management > Permissions"
6. Under "Administer > Site configuration > CKEditor", adjust the ckeditor profiles. In each profile you can choose which textareas will be replaced by CKEditor, select default toolbar and configure some more advanced settings.
7. Go to and download CKfinder.
8. Extract the downloaded file ckfinder and put it in Ckeditor folder (sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckfinder) .
9. Open config.php in the ckfinder folder and comment out the CheckAuthentication() function.

/*function CheckAuthentication()
// WARNING : DO NOT simply return "true". By doing so, you are allowing
// "anyone" to upload and list the files in your server. You must implement
// some kind of session validation here. Even something very simple as...

// return isset($_SESSION['IsAuthorized']) && $_SESSION['IsAuthorized'];

// ... where $_SESSION['IsAuthorized'] is set to "true" as soon as the
// user logs in your system.
// To be able to use session variables don't forget to add session_start().

return false;

10. Add this code :
require_once '../../../../includes/filemanager.config.php';

straight below the following line:
$baseUrl = '/ckfinder/userfiles/';

11. Locate file named settings.php inside your drupal directory (usually sites/default/settings.php) and set $cookie_domain variable to your domain name.

$cookie_domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

12. In the administer->site configuration ->ckeditor, edit the profile you are using.
In the file browser setting,
Select CKFinder from the dropdown in File browser type (Link dialog).
Select IMCE from the dropdown in File browser type (Image dialog).
Select IMCE from the dropdown in File browser type (Flash dialog).
Save the configuration.

13. Go to create content ->page, try to upload a image using the ckeditor, it should work.